Right Worthy Knight David Gareth Gait was admitted into the Commemorative Order of   St. Thomas of Acon on 20th December 2003 in Blackheeth Chapel (Time Immemorial) meeting in London at Mark Masons Hall.

He became a Founder member of Gerald de Bari Chapel No. 31 (Herald) meeting in Penarth, where he held several offices and later became a Founder member of the Chapel of King Offa No. 41 (Deputy Marshal) meeting at Chepstow. He became the Worthy Master of the Chapel of King Offa in 2007.
He has always shown great dedication to this genuine historical English knightly Commemorative Order and he also became a Founder member of the Reginald Fitzjoclyn Chapel No. 74 (Immediate Past Worthy Master) meeting in Bath and a Founder member of Paul Bushe Chapel No. 101 meeting in Bristol.

He is an Honorary member of King Ina Chapel No. 102 (Consecrating Doorkeeper) meeting in Taunton, Saint Jean d'Acre Chapel No.110 (Consecrating team member) meeting in Paris and Saint-Salvi Chapel No.124 (Consecrating Prior) meeting in Toulouse..

It was mooted that this increasingly popular Commemorative Order having the requisite number of Chapels meeting in South Wales should be formed as a Province in South Wales.

He was the organising Secretary for this new Province which was consecrated on 14th June 2008.

He was appointed to the office of Provincial Grand Secretary at the Consecration of the Province, an appointment which he held until 2012 when he was promoted to the rank of Provincial Grand Registrar.

In 2011 he was appointed to Grand Rank as an acting Grand Cellarer and was promoted to the acting rank of Grand Almoner in 2012

As a Grand Officer he also holds membership and is in officer, in the Gilbert Beckett Chapel No. 100 and the Sir Barry of Illford Chapel No. 92 Grand Master's Chapel, in which he also holds office.

The Most Worthy Grand Master appointed him as Grand Preceptor of the Province of South Wales and invested him with that rank the on 28th December 2013.